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The GPT-powered 'Superhuman' for Cardashift

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Now every Cardashift member has access to ILUMA!

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3 effective ways to onboard members to ILUMA!

Announce ILUMA in your Discord #general

Sample message: "GM @everyone, I’ve been using ILUMA ( for Orange DAO & Cardashift to stay up-to-date on the latest insights, metrics, revenue opportunities and discussion highlights happening across the community through their curated daily & weekly email digests. I think this would be useful for our Cardashift members. This is how it looks. They also provide summaries of discord channels and community meetings." 

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Call to introduce ILUMA to the Cardashift Community


Have your members learn how they can leverage AI to have fast access to the most valuable data & knowledge shared across the organization and their web3 stack via TLDRs, email digests & AI knowledge base with our ILUMA founders via Zoom, Twitter Spaces or Cardashift's Community Room.

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Create a #Cardashift-Insights channel in your community Discord

The ILUMA bot can post the latest community insights and engagement metrics (like most active contributors, active channels, trending topics, and more) & share GPT-powered TL;DRs of the most active channels in the server & community meetings.

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