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Welcome to ILUMA!

The AI Chief of Staff for high-performing CEOs to prevent million-dollar problems

(invite only)

Now that you've created your ILUMA account, the next step is to add ILUMA AI to your Slack workspace 

Add Integrations ILUMA .jpg

2. A pop-up will appear. Click on 'Add ILUMA to Slack', and follow the instructions

Add Slack Integration - new account.jpg

Now you have ILUMA AI installed on your workspace! Next, we need to add ILUMA AI to your Slack channels and set up you ILUMA notifications (2 mins).  

1. Find ILUMA AI on the left panel of your Slack workspace at the bottom under 'Apps' (if you don't see it, click on 'Add App' and search for ILUMA).

2. Add ILUMA AI to your preferred channels. You can add ILUMA AI to public channels by clicking on 'Select Public Channels', and to private channels by using the /invite @ILUMA AI command inside those channel's message box.

ILUMA - Select Public Channels.jpg

3. Select how'd you like to receive ILUMA notifications by clicking "Customize Notifications"

You are now all set up to receive critical insights about your Slack workspace from ILUMA!  Check out the ILUMA AI Dashboard to understand more about your team’s performance, engagement and sentiment across your internal comms (inside the ILUMA web app)

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