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ILUMA AI for Slack

The AI Chief of Staff for CEOs & Leaders
Know what your team is actively working on, keep priorities aligned, eliminate bottlenecks and blind spots, and save your company from costly mistakes

How it Works

ILUMA AI integrates into your Slack workspace and analyzes your conversational data in order to provide high-level, critical insights to CEOs and C-level leaders about potential costly risks that are not on your radar.

You can customize your AI insights from your ILUMA account in the "Notifications" section. You can choose to receive these insights via email, text, or via Slack DM from the ILUMA AI app.

ILUMA AI leverages Large Language Models such as Azure GPT-4 and Bedrock Claude. Information provided by ILUMA AI is subject to the correct contextual interpretation of the models we leverage to provide accurate insights. All customer data is fully encrypted and protected by best-in-class security and privacy. For more information please visit our Data Privacy and Security page, or review our Privacy Policy.

Adding ILUMA to Slack

Add Integrations ILUMA .jpg

2. Click on "Slack" and follow the instructions.

ILUMA is now installed on your Slack!
Next, add ILUMA to your channels and set up your notifications (2 mins) 

3. Find "ILUMA AI" on the bottom of the left panel of your Slack workspace under 'Apps' (if you don't see it, click on 'Add App' and search for ILUMA).

4. Add ILUMA AI to public channels by clicking 'Select Public Channels', and to private channels by using the /invite @ILUMA AI  command inside those channels' message box.

ILUMA AI Slack channels.png

5. Select how'd you like to receive your ILUMA AI insights by clicking "Customize Notifications"

You're all set!  
Along with the ILUMA AI insights you'll receive, you can also monitor team engagement and sentiment via your ILUMA dashboard, in the web app

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