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ILUMA AI for Zoom

Predictive AI for CEOs & Leaders
Foresee & prevent customer churn, talent turn-over and failed partnerships

Current ILUMA customers

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Become an ILUMA customer and leverage our Zoom integration

How it Works

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ILUMA AI integrates into your Zoom account and analyzes the conversational data coming from your Zoom meetings in order to provide high-level, critical insights to CEOs and C-level leaders about potential internal risks that are not on your radar.

ILUMA AI for Zoom features include:

  • A personalized dashboard, accessible through our ILUMA web app, with metrics on internal conversational trends, employee engagement and sentiment

  • Customizable AI insights on the most critical bottlenecks, priorities and potential risks that ILUMA AI detects from your Zoom data

ILUMA AI leverages Large Language Models such as Azure GPT-4 and Bedrock Claude. Information provided by ILUMA AI is subject to the correct contextual interpretation of the models we leverage to provide accurate insights. All customer data is fully encrypted and protected by best-in-class security and privacy. For more information please visit our Data Privacy and Security page, or review our Privacy Policy.

How to install ILUMA on Zoom

1. Log in or create your ILUMA account here

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2. Go to Integrations

Go to the dropdown menu underneath your user profile picture in the top right corner of your ILUMA account, and select Integrations. 

Screenshot - ILUMA integrations

Log into your Zoom account to give ILUMA the necessary permissions to connect

3. Select Zoom from the available integrations

Inegration Settings.jpg

4. Your Zoom notifications will be automatically turned on

You can find this section by clicking on the 3-dots next to the Zoom integration

5.  Log into your Zoom admin account and turn on Meeting AI Companion Summary. 

You can find this setting under Admin settings > Account Management > Account Settings > AI Companion (at this time the AI Companion feature can only be found on Zoom Pro accounts). 

Screenshot Zoom AI Companion.png

Delete your Account

Delete the Zoom integration from inside your account

Select the Delete option from inside the three dots next to the Zoom integration. All of your stored information will be automatically deleted.
For more information visit our privacy policy

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Visit the Zoom App Marketplace

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Be the most informed person in the room

Learn more about how ILUMA AI can help you and your team leaders stay on top of work productivity and progress, and avoid costly bottlenecks 

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