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The AI Operating System
for DAOs

ILUMA is the autonomous, all-in-one DAO software. Its self-learning core allows DAOs to capture and leverage critical DAO and member data to grow faster, and smarter.

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One centralized platform to manage your decentralized community ops

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 Onboard new members using smart flows powered by digital wallet tracking



Incentivize member engagement and participation using your own DAO tokenomics



Capture and leverage member data to help members contribute to DAO success

AI Hub



Provide one-off support to members using natural language conversations and ticketing



ILUMA learns from member conversations and answers their questions so leadership roles can focus on growing the DAO


GM☀️ and welcome to your DAO contributor experience!

As DAOs grow, core teams find themselves spending their time manning community channels, transferring institutional knowledge to new members, keeping documentation up-to-date, and manually managing and tracking contributors' work in spreadsheets. 


ILUMA is the web3-native Community DAO Operating System (DOS) that can handle all of that. We help DAOs manage their contributor's journey autonomously - from community discovery to sustained positive-sum participation.

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Empower members to discover their community

Guide new members through clean, step-by-step onboarding, and provide instant answers about your DAO through natural conversations with Iluma's AI Assistant

Wallet Tracking
Smart Flows
AI Assistant

Get members involved meaningfully with no friction

Understand where members best fit in the DAO, and share and create opportunities for them to engage and contribute

Smart Contracts
Bounty Match
Support Ticketing
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Foster a sense of community ownership

Validate and reward contributions with social recognition, token rewards, or more responsibility via leadership roles

Role Management
Boosts (Nudges/RSVP)
Committee Updates
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Your community is the future of your decentralized network.

ILUMA is building the autonomous solution to onboard, manage, engage and support the next 1M DAO communities in web3

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