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The 'Superhuman' for Discord & Web3

ILUMA allows you to filter out the noise of Discord, giving DAOs & web3 community members the most important insights right at their fingertips.

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'Superhuman' Inbox

ILUMA's AI extracts and collects the most relevant bits of information from your Discord conversations, so that you can easily stay up-to-date with the latest DAO information and meaningfully participate in active discussions.

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360º View Dashboard 

Our dashboard extracts and collects DAO data on voting, proposals, conversations, new members and projects, giving members a 360º view of the DAO.

Beyond Discord Chatter

Get the most important insights from the myriad of member conversations, discussions and activity happening in your community server. 

ILUMA vs Discord Skin

ILUMA is building the autonomous solution to onboard, manage, engage and support the next 1M DAO communities in web3

Your community is the future of your decentralized network.

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