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The AI 'Superhuman' for your organization

ILUMA is the GPT-powered, AI Knowledge Core that synthesizes your organization's data. ILUMA AI summarizes the most valuable data & information shared across the organizations and platforms you belong to, so you can stay up-to-date on the most critical insights:

🔹 ChatGPT for your Discord community
🔹 AI generated daily & weekly digests
🔹 AI self-generating knowledge base for your organization
🔹 DashboardGPT & Sentiment Analysis (coming soon!)

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Powering leading web3 communities

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Never miss a thing on your community & contribute when it matters

Make sense of your organization's data and stay up-to-date with a curated, AI generated digest of the most time-sensitive, critical insights, revenue opportunities, and discussions happening across your community!

Email Digests

Discord DMs

SMS notifications



Keep up with your community’s important discussions

No need to scroll through 100’s of conversations to get the information you need. ILUMA’s GPT-powered AI bot (for Discord & Slack):

Answers all community-related questions

Summarizes any channel

Summarizes important meetings (Town Halls, team calls, etc.)

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Get intelligent insights & custom reports in one place

ILUMA's Dashboard allows you to track trending topics, popular messages, proposals, most active members, and member sentiment (coming soon!) across your community to take informed actions and increase member engagement.

Turn your community’s collective intelligence into your AI knowledge engine

Organizational knowledge is your community’s biggest asset and yet is fragmented.

ILUMA extracts the most important information shared across your organization and various platforms, automatically building a user-generated knowledge base that members can easily access to turbocharge their decision making.

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Connect with your community where they are
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ILUMA is bringing the power of generative AI to change the way the next generation of professionals & organizations access, manage & sync community knowledge and data across their tech stack to succeed in the future of work.

Your community is the future of your decentralized network

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