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ILUMA for Slack

Your AI Chief of Staff that proactively provides critical information to prevent and solve multi-million dollar bottlenecks.

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Uncover bottlenecks, misalignments and critical items in real-time


Tailor your notifications to your needs 

Direct your attention to pressing matters, roadblocks, etc.


Receive on-demand critical insights


How do I install ILUMA?

Click on the "Add to Slack"button at the top of this page and follow the instructions to connect your workspace. 

You may need admin permission to install the app.

Is ILUMA free?

We have a free plan available. You can view all of our plans and what they include in our pricing page. If you are an enterprise customers please contact us

How do I access my ILUMA account?

You can access your ILUMA account here

What is your privacy policy?

You can see our privacy policy here.

I already installed ILUMA but nothing happened - what do I do?

1. Make sure you gave ILUMA access to the channels of your choosing. 

2. Make sure you created an account and signed up for the digests that better fit your needs.

Im still having trouble with ILUMA - what can I do?

Email our team anytime at - we're happy to help!

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