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ILUMA is for C-LevelTeam Leads

An AI that is your eyes and ears across platforms to spot & solve problems before they happen

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Stay up-to-date on key discussions & decisions

Get AI-generated summaries of conversations and their outcomes via email, text, or right inside your preferred platform

Channel Summaries
Action Items

Spot problems before they occur

Prevent bottlenecks, realign team goals, and step in when needed to keep your team engaged and inspired

Discussion TLDRs
Trending Topics
Question Analysis
Suggested Actions
ILUMA Daily Digest Image.png
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Superhuman inbox

Make the right decision at the right time  

With ILUMA AI's dashboard and platform,  understand instantly your team's sentiment and engagement, as well as discussion data and outcomes, to take the right next step.

Trending Topics
Discussion Outcomes
Sentiment Analysis
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Have ILUMA AI as your eyes and ears across your whole stack
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Get an AI copilot today

Join hundreds of companies and thousands of users leveraging AI to be a better leader

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